Misc. 2001 Pictures

Misc. pictures from Louise, Raquel and Jake visiting us at our Milpitas, CA house. 2001
Some pictures from Joshua's 1st grade graduation party at Rainbow Bridge
The definition of procrastination.
Barney Killer

Daniel's 4th Birthday - and my brat sister, Sabrina

Not my car,
A picture of our house, taken on September 7th, 2001 for the real estate listing. Needless to say, it did not sell quickly.
Bob, Trudy, Madison and Taylor's visit - November 2001. Oh, and my boys being hams!

Interwoven's July 2001 summer party at Mercedes' house - oh, and Sylvia in her Halloween get up.

Hosting's (My department) last day at MarketFirst Software
Greg and Curt's parting message to the CFO.